Spivak in Other Asias


‘If an academic includes empirical details in her essays, joins demonstrations, participates in international conferences with political-sounding titles, and engages in solidarity tourism, we think of her as an activist’ (Spivak 2008:89)

That such an activist can be simply ignored by the World Bank etc., (when not directly employed by the same) and is manifestly some distance from the subaltern (who speaks or not) is of a type with her close relative:

‘The liberal Euro-US academic, unceasingly complicitous with the text of exploitation, possibly endorsing child slavery every time s/he drinks a cup of tea, paying taxes to destroy survival ecobiomes of the world’s poor and bomb innocent African villages by mistake, sometimes mouthing a “Marxism” liber-humanized out of existence, and talking no doubt against military aggression, profoundly irresponsible to the academics one obligation of not writing on something carelessly read … to them belongs the happy euphoria of being in the right’ (Spivak 2008:71)

Me and you both.


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