Privatisation of the Intellect

So, are comments on student work also notes to self?

I wonder if there is a not a deeper impasse here in the idea that university ideal might still be construed as an institutionalised vehicle for more or less organised social mobility – intentional or not. Does the class composition of the, globally distributed, production processes of capital indicate significant success for this mobility model, or is the density of this composition to be evaluated differently now – with vast sections of the international theatre of production shrouded still (unless a building collapse of a sweated labour venue directs a frisson of attention for a brief spell). Social Centres in Bologna, but grunt level proletarianisation from Naples through to Nanking. This matches up with the claim that we can acknowledge a tendency for the imbrication of intellectuals and power to replace the perception/fantasy of some separate, prophylactic, independence for intellectual life. Such an acknowledgment can be called privatisation too.