Edit and destroy

So a big part of editing is jettisoning schematic routines from the word hoard that seem to have been dumped into a chapter for want of anything new to say. Out with them. Burroughs used to claim in interviews that you should get rid of the writing you think is your best. It is not the best, it is bad – the worst (imagine this said in that midwestern drawl). I dunno if he really meant it as more than a mockery of ‘how to’, but if its good enough to say twice, then its probably worth just saying just the once – hence my irritation when I catch myself summarising something I’d said before, and, worse, see it over and over in the ZZizzle. So, out damn spot, out. This para is hereby cut from Panto Terror today (and saved for later):

when Derrida does come to mention Marx in this book on Rogues – it is a surprise he takes so long – it is to call again for that New International that kept just one ‘spirit’ of Marxism while favouring the United Nations, declarations on Rights and the International Criminal Court Page 87. This is in not clearly, or even not in any way a spirit of Marx unless it be that spirit that appears as 4 gallons of Brandy exchanged for a bible or 2O yards of Linen in the opening 200 pages of Das Kapital. There is reason to be facetious – Derrida’s recommendations and the causes he supports, however worthy it might be to defend Mandela, do not appear Marxist in character. They do not depend upon any recognisably Marxist analytic

For all there is to learn from Derrida, banging on about him being a bourgeois French philosopher probably is a fairly mundane point, and I already made it in the Bad Marxism book. Snip snip snip – getting closer.