Call for Papers: Common Ground 24-25 June 2013.

Common Ground – A Two-Day Conference organized by the Centre for Cultural Studies

24-25 June 2013. Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

Call for Papers:

Postgraduates in the Centre for Cultural Studies are pleased to announce their annual conference. This year’s theme is Common Ground and we would like to invite papers, artistic presentations, workshops and panel proposals on all aspects of this topic.

This conference comes out of a shared frustration with the framing of canonical discourses. For every subject and object in the world, there is a linear story of its explanation– a forward-projecting narration of origins, development, transformation and signification. What is accomplished in this expository process is a reductivism that not only privileges particular modes of explanation, of knowing, but in doing so also neutralizes the grounds of subversive potential.  How can we explode these centralizing rationalities and reconfigure the conceptual space of knowing? How can we think critically about literal and metaphorical spaces and the accompanying temporalities which claim to bring individuals together and form alternative modes of collective being but simply end up privileging dominant, homogenising discourses of social control and organization?

Possible topics could include but are by no means limited to:

–       Privileging narratives

–       Writing and Rewriting History

–       Time, history and asynchronicity

–       Dissenting Voices

–       Homogeneity and hegemony

–       Interiority/exteriority

–       Discourses of Inclusion/Exclusion

–       The collective vs. the individual

–       Who are the 99%?

–       Nationalism and Identity

–       Digital Technologies and posthumanism

–       Crossing borders and limits

–       Institutional Critique

–       Spaces of convergence – the street, the square

–       Public vs. private spaces

–       Encounters, confrontations, conflicts

–       The production of difference

–       Subversive spaces and temporalities

Abstracts should be no longer than 500 words and emailed to: Deadline for submissions is 26 April 2013. For more information please visit