I am Fiction 17 Jan 2013 (London Art Fair)

Film Programme 2
Thursday 17th January only

7pm: Premier as part of Thursday Late – Max Kestner & Thomas Altheimer, ‘I am Fiction’ (2012), 82 minutes. Courtesy of Alma Enterprises (part of A.L.I.S.N., stand P29)

Reality, art performance or publicity stunt? Few people could make head or tails of the lawsuit that Thomas Altheimer (aka Thomas Skade-Rasmussen Strøbech) raised against fellow artist Claus Beck-Nielsen (aka Das Beckwerk) and the Gyldendal publishing house in 2009 for publishing the novel The Sovereign, which described Altheimer’s private life in meticulous detail.

But on the initiative of the director Max Kestner, Altheimer started to film himself during the two-year trial that followed. Amidst a vortex of confrontations, dashes to America, changing lawyers and empty vodka bottles, there is no doubt in Altheimer’s mind that he has been robbed of his identity…