GAZA: Refocusing Resistance – how the resistance in Gaza has refocussed the Arab Spring

This is an event that seeks to understand the latest develoments of the Palestinian resistance and its ramifications for the region from an anti imperialist internationalist perspective.

This event will discuss how the Palestinian Resistance of deploying Fajr5 missiles has impacted the regional struggle against zionism and imperialism, but will ALSO discuss how our struggle is international, that Gaza, Palestine is inextricably connected to all our fronts of struggle across the world, that is why we will also be bringing in the African perspective and struggle into this event.

Speakers (more speakers tbc):

GHADA EL-NAJJAR, (speaking in personal capacity via skype) from Gaza, Palestine. Front line nurse during Second/Al-Aqsa Intifada and senior Oxfam in Gaza.

SAMEH HABEEB, editor of the Palestinian Telegraph from Gaza, Palestine

ROSHAN MUHAMMED SALIH, prominent Press TV correspondent and presenter

FRED DAHLMANN, Brussels based Pan Africanist analyst and activist

DAN GLAZEBROOK, independent journalist

SUKANT CHANDAN, Sons of Malcolm (Chairperson)

JOHN HUTNYK (Introduction)


This event is an initiative of Sons of Malcolm

Event Information

Location: cinema, Richard Hoggart Building
Department: Centre For Cultural Studies
Time: 21 December 2012, 18:00 – 21:30