This mornings’ task checklist

– wrote and sent two references for people seeking academic jobs

– got someone an actual job, as an academic

– helped someone else find someone for the job they had on offer (see above)

– helped out with two other people doing funding apps

– coffee (see stain on son’s sleep suit – bad parent)

– had flu jab

– received additional crazed post from someone in need of help I am not qualified to give

– sought advice on the above

– took smallest son with his mom to a cafe, coffee

– walked to work in the rain

– sent out two books – Beyond Borders

– emailed copy of an old paper on overwork to someone, and got into complicated discussion exchange on that – ahh, FB.

– read a draft chapter of someones’ PhD, coffee

– read some of – not enough – the PhD I am currently examining

– read the paper – appalled at the BBC and the softening up process before Leveson

– changed doc appointment time

– tried to move the email list problem on – getting close to fixing it

– helped design a trinkets display feature

– tried yet again to get a response from a certain admin dept that has gone dark on me

– reading for Berlin trip

– scanned copy of Ben Ross article from 15 years ago that seems really relevant now – will post here soon

– more chat with people for the Proletarianization and the River project (on thursday had a good meeting with the archivist at Museum of London Docklands. They are interested in the ideas we bring. Especially that of co-research with local activist groups coming in to the museum to work with the archives and to identify local sites/trinkets that connect up with a co-constituted colonial history with other ports like Calcutta, Canton, Caribbean etc. The same sort of proposal as was welcomed at Maritime, but perhaps even more so since Docklands is planning to reorganise their collection display under a new theme of ‘many East Londons’. Having XTalk, Brick lane Circle and Housing groups as co-researchers can really work with this. The idea will not be that we teach people to do research, but we research with them, alongside their agendas which will be to do with harlots, lascars and squatters etc (XTalk are  interested in sex work around the ports, Brick Lane Circle in Bengali sailors who jump ship, Deptford and Stratford Housing in land use.)

– prepared posters for Wednesday’s film – Baba Ratan’s Fair

– corrected start time for tonight’s Fedeici event

– twitter exchange with ex-student from Melbourne (I miss Marios breakfasts)

– prepared materials for PHD progress meeting in dept (which is about to start)

– reviewed the PhD list, what a great lot of projects – see here and here.

Not a bad morning so far, but again nothing done on my own book. Have at least updated the blog!

Damn, forget to get a sandwich for lunch. Will eat and think about how if we comply with social media’s demand to tell everyone what we are doing all the time we will never do anything. Vanishing up an orifice of our own making…

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  1. you could call yourself a superman! Just received my copy of The Rumour of Calcutta. Won’t dissect this time but would like to finalise my proposal very soon and meet you when you can have some spare time … good luck for the rest of the day!


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