Zizek on Stalin

A month or two later than everyone else I suppose, I have started reading the new Zizek. Greatly amused that Balibar quipped: ‘I wish I could read as fast as Zizek can type – not that I am saying he is repetitive, he is just consistent’

Trepidation of the reader… no real surprise to again to find SZ quoting Stalin, as if from memory, saying ‘both are worse’ – yawn – this is a Lenin quip, as I have all-ready anal-ized:

‘both worse’ is Lenin, not Stalin – ‘both are worse’  from ‘What is to Be Done’ part 1, where Lenin is talking about two competing resolutions of the Jewish Workers Union in 1901. Surely a good Leninist should not mischievously be laying traps like this – checking to see if we are paying attention, misattributing classic quotes from the Vlad to Jo. SZ had already attributed this to Stalin in ‘Welcome to the Desert of the Real’ so I suspect its a moment of digital apocalypse cut and paste. The demand to deliver text in a rush. And I am doing it here – cut and say, paste and pay. (here)

But it is a good quip, so each time SZ uses it I think both are worse too. And I am hoping by the end of this to be even more upset about minor symptoms of utter brilliance.