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A recent comment by Saed seemed really useful to me, deserves repetition, even out of context, and in part says:

But how will we set up autonomous universities? Running research labs 
requires quite a bit of very expensive equipment and infrastructure. 
This is a matter that is left largely implicit, but if we set up and run 
universities that can do nothing more than cover humanities and social 
sciences then we will get nowhere. Should we continue to leave the 
know-how, knowledge production about medicines, building structures, 
cropping systems, water management, etc. (basically the knowledge 
systems that subtend our everyday survival in industrialised contexts) 
to the usual capitalist institutions? In this respect, we are extremely 
far from building much of an alternartive. And this is not about 
"science" as defined in the mainstream, but science as actually 
practised and as involving systematic observation, knowledge production, 
understanding, carework, etc. about nonhuman beings and environmental 
processes. So, to prevent any misunderstandings, I am not talking about 
the scientific canon, which is largely self-congratulatory dross that 
reflects little more than self-serving ideologies. I refer to anyone 
that studies nonhuman beings and physical environments in a systematic 
and systematised way, which is really wuite different from studying 
social processes, for example. There is still hardly any interest in 
that on the left, which is unfortunate. But unless we get at least half 
among us to take the rest of the universe seriously as to be studied and 
as a source of knowledge for our survival, then I am afraid any 
autonomous anything will be easily brushed aside and eaten up. All it 
takes is having no one to repair autonomous university buildings, not 
knowing how to fix plumbing or electrical problems, not knowing how to 
grow food or use soils properly, and the list could go on. And then 
there is the not very small matter of needing land, water, and all basic 
necessities for survival off of the hands of the bourgeoisie, which is 
why we even need a wage in the first place. There is a lot more to think 
about and work to do, I reckon, and setting up autonomous universities, 
in my view, should be done with those aspects also in mind. for in the 
end it is a mode of production that has to be changed, not one cog of 
its machinery.

This is not to say at all that free/autonomous universities are not a 
worthile pursuit. Quite the ocntrary. We should just think beyond 
universities when engaging in disrupting, undermining, setting up 
alternatives to universities as they are now.