The Alternative Art College presents; Education as Experiment 17.5.2012

Date: 17th May

Time: 10am – 6pm

Location: 47 Lewisham Way, Goldsmiths College.

The Alternative Art College is a non-profit education facility;

The AAC’s reason for being is to challenge the notion of knowledge consumers, to question the socio-economic role of education and activate a response. The AAC was a direct reply to the crisis in the higher education field of 2011/12. One year on, the College’s aim is still to engage participants in the process of education, to create the alternative now.

The ‘retrospective’ is a reflective event/symposium addressing how non-profit education is produced. Located inside the walls of the education factory that is Goldsmiths college, we explore the alternative to consumer culture. This offers the ability to redirect the conversation within the HE education field, addressing everything from teaching methods to the UCAS point scoring system. The event will include a selection of lectures, seminars and a common assembly to discuss pedagogy, art, politics and all things related to education. The outcome of this day long event will be an open source archive, as well as, a publication and touring exhibition.

The Alternative Art College presents; Education as Experiment.

Line up includes: All subject to change and more to be announced.

Mike Neary – Social Science Centre/ Student As Producer.

John Plowman – Beacon Art Project

Andre Pusey – Really Open University

Evan Ifekoya/Yasmin Lorentz  – Politicised Space & Accountability: Addressing Race in the Art School

The Knitted Jungle Collective –  Macho Versus the Feminine

Mel Donohoe – Art vs Art Education

James Ellison –  Nomadic Infrastructure

Rebecca Hartley/Kate Wiggs – International Relations Theory in a prohibition-themed party

Anna-Maria Amato – The Fibonacci Code.