Capitalism and Cultual Studies essay prompt:

Using theoretical categories of Marx’s Capital, as read in this course, (and even if you wish, coquetting with his style) consider how this analysis may or may not be pertinent to a contemporary issue, class formation, or campaign of which you may have experience or knowledge.

For example you may have been engaged in areas such as am environmental movement, feminist struggles, education, mental health, bank reform, anti-racism, international solidarity, and can use this experience as a way to think through what reading Marx might be (good for) today. This is an opportunity to examine your own recent or present involvement as a student, worker (full or part-time), or other relevant subject position under Capitalism (benefits recipient, ‘artist’, activist, tourist, migrant, musician, tinker, tailor, soldier, spy… gender, sexuality, sub-cultural group, political persuasion…).

This may mean examining your position within a particular institutional apparatus, or evaluating subjective elements against the abstract categories and dialectical method. It is hoped you can develop the analysis of concepts from Capital so as to bring out more clearly the circumstances in which your own contribution, or not, to surplus value production is implicated (in class struggles).

In making your assessment, give some consideration to the rendering of Marx’s Capital by any of the major commentators considered in the course (Derrida, Bataille, Spivak, Autonomia, Heideggerian Marxism[?], Frankfurt School, Fortunati, Jameson etc).

Keyword prompts: war, imperialism, arms trade, star wars, drones, science policy, science workers, support workers, innovation, anti-racism, anti-imperialism, culture industry, hip hop, sexuality, minority/majority, ethnicity, whiteness, education, teaching factory, students, online, corral, olympics, transport, corruption, crisis, policing, control, health, climate, childcare, data input, cleaning, mining, tourism, sweatshops, art, library, publishing, etc., deportation, detention, border, crisis, austerity