No Olympics

this one was made by the Nomadic Action Group for the campaign against having the olympics in Melbourne in 1988

To which (via Simon S) we can now add some London related resources:

Anarchist alternative art for the Olympics….
Report backs on a ‘Countering Olympics’ conference held recently….
I guess Occupy Olympics was an obvious alliteration.  Not a lot going on here at the moment….
….but the powers that be are obviously concerned about this kind of development….
Atos Origin is the Games’ IT Partner.  (something for Anonymous to look into perhaps?)…..
Disabled rights protests against Atos and their involvement in the Olympics have already started (nice link to Bhopal too)…..
Nothing on the games yet but worth keeping an eye on this group….

4 thoughts on “No Olympics

  1. “Under monopoly conditions the more life forces anyone who wishes to survive into deceit, trickery, and insinuation and the less the individual can depend any longer upon a stable profession for his living, upon the continuity of labour, then all the greater becomes the might of sport in mass culture and the outside world in general. Mass culture is a kind of training for life when things have gone wrong” – Adorno, Schema of Mass Culture


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