Reading groups online as Para-sites

I like the idea of a virtual meeting for the reading group (since I can’t make the meetings for the group I really want to participate in) and if talking about the form it would take is still open, can I suggest that the model of ‘occupying’ some public chat forum like Comment is Free, as the #Occupy people did recently, is a great idea. For a reading group on Ranciere it need not be something as Troll-filled as CiF – maybe a bulletin board or other space linked to Goldsmiths, linked to a philosophy, theory or other discussion site, or even on some prominent person’s blog (I am not saying mine! but maybe there are other staff blogs that could tolerate the hits). It also leaves a public trace of our discussion. Even if its a bit like invading.
Are there any Goldsmiths sites that host comments that might be relevant?
I’ve recently been posting on MarketProject. Good people, and responsive.
There was the Long Sunday site, but I think that’s dormant. There’s Generation Online, Nettime, etc. Hundreds more. Though it occurs to me this may be somewhat parasitical, so more relevant to a Serres reading group! I guess there is also the Goldsmiths CCS page on FB, but its a walled enclosure and maybe too pushy (and its set to push-mail to some people).
While doing something like this has a disadvantage in that its wholly in public view, which may be off putting, it still could be just some obscure corner of the internet which maybe would be improved by having a decent discussion…
Just sayin’

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  1. i’d be interested in doing a group on ‘parasite’ if anyone’s interested


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