Matilal and Mahabharata

In response to a request from Jai … Gayatri Spivak has also done work on Indian traditions/texts. This in particular was with Prof Bimal Krishna Matilal – on the Mahabharata. She has written somewhere about Karna, but maybe I am just remembering a conversation we had about it, that is more vivid. I remember her talking about it but cannot find a note. She also mentions some of this work as forthcoming when she speaks with Swapan Chakravorty et al in ‘Conversations with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak’ a book that came out with Seagull in 2006. In there she talks of non-foundational thinking and that she was going to work on this further … but her interlocutor who was key to the project – the same Prof Matilal – sadly died before more could be done. The Mahabharata stuff was ‘finished’ – whatever that means, as I’ve not read it yet/do not seem to have any copy of work she may have done on this. Shall ask.
A quick hunt offers up a text labeled ‘forthcoming’ in footnote 5 on page 313 of Outside in the Teaching Machine, and I also just found more on Motilal and Spivak in her essay on Narcissus and Echo – I hadn’t read this – good to have now:


Postscript: I asked. The answer: ‘I never did publish the Mahabharata stuff.  There’s the tiniest bit on Draupadi in “Not Virgin Enough to Say That [S]he Occupies the Place of the Other,” Cardozo Law Review 13.4 (Dec 1991), p. 1343-1348. and in Foremothers,” in Susan Gubar, ed., True Confessions: Feminist Professors Tell Stories Out of School, (New York: Norton, 2011), p. 111-122.  Cheers, G’