Collected Marketing Detournements for Goldies

‘I’m quite a fan of the Goldsmiths ad campaign. And I’m sure it’s accurately pitched at the target demographic. I have faith in #goldsmirk’.
‘I liked this the first time round, but my critical theory course makes me think it might be a hoax. I stumble on Goldsmiths’ #goldsmirk
‘I’d like to know just how much this marketing strategy cost. Can tell a numpty came up with it. I mither at Godlsmirths Sachs’ #goldsmirk
‘I’m still marking dissertations from the students that left three weeks ago and the new students are already here. I slave at #goldsmirk’
‘mummy and daddy really wanted me to go to Oxford. And I have a pony. I slum it at #goldsmirk’
‘I’m secretly a power mad fuck, but want people to think I do good so I traded my uzi for a copy of Camera Lucida. So shoot me’. #goldsmirk
‘Imagine there is more horatio in your dream than philosophy, and I trust I make myself obscure, at #goldsmirk’
*Update – and what a good update it is – from here:
and the Razor Award winner for Movember, after rigorous polling, goes to:
s econd prize – a free copy of the cartoon Manifesto (well, actually a link to the youtube url, but hey): 

11 thoughts on “Collected Marketing Detournements for Goldies

  1. It’s pretty funny all this adbusting, although it is potentially something to think about that there’s a chance that the joke might be on us somewhat, at least if we are trying to do something political with it, not just for ‘lulz’ (although for some fairly interesting thoughts on that matter see DSG piece ‘All the Memes of Production’ in the quite good Occupy Everything, available to read for free on minor compositions). I’m not sure really how all this works. Is it all ‘just’ a joke? Are we actually helping their campaign? Would we actually want to damage their campaign anyway (thus by implication be seeking to reduce admissions and hence money for programmes etc) or are we trying to draw attention to the fact that now the university is increasingly forced to market itself as a branded commodity on the open market etc etc…? Or are we hijacking/detourning a meme in order to propagate our own messages? If so what are they? Is there a strategy here? if so what is it? I don’t really know.

    You could actually argue that these ads seem to be working a quite well, at least from the marketing perspective (although admissions are down, so who’s to say how well…). Of course we can be dismayed at the fact that they are reducing ideas to asinine soundbites, but this is marketing so they don’t care about little details like that… it’s usually what they’re actively trying to do. They achieved their goal. These ads have now been disseminated, read, seen, discussed and appropriated far and wide with their key message intact: ‘I study at Goldsmiths’. Goldsmiths might be made to look a bit silly by all this mockery but I think it’s distinctly possible management would see that as a small price to pay to get their brand out there with such wide exposure to all the young, ‘creative’ types lol-ing over it and sharing it with their demographically valuable friends on social media. Of course all the hipsters they are targeting on the East London Line, characterised as a subcultural classification precisely by being so cynically and knowingly ironic anyway, think that they are above all that, that it doesn’t work on them and they are far too knowing to be affected by adverts, especially such apparently clumsily patronising ones as these. Yet whoever thinks adverts work on them? They clearly do else why is it such a major industry… whoever they paid to come up with this campaign, I’m sure it cost a lot, that’s the sad indictment of where we are at, but it’s a state of affairs that goes beyond the university.


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