A Spectre is haunting Europe…

Not all parties atre the same – sorry to have missed this one… [thanks Jo]


The Student Handjob – now in bespoke perfect bound edition.


From THIS site you can purchase the slightly more glossified covered (and somewhat renamed [original version here]) Student Handjob. I am hoping to negotiate a discount. Original version here.

Critical Support #OWS

A collection of articles in critical-support of #OWS (collected by, or at least reposted by, The Public School).

Capitalism IS crises.

Though some will say the crisis is cyclical, I think rather that entropy and disintegration is the unity, the unifying modus operandi, of Capital, not simply appearing or revealed in crisis so much as always thriving on many, multiple, and perpetual, crises. Hence the slogan ‘Capitalism IS crisis’ rings true – Capitalism as a thriving parasitic system of destruction, dysfunction and a necessarily dog-eat-dog opportunism as Gekko/Cartels/Monopolies conglomerate in the highest stage of imperialism… where Capitalism must eat its young to survive, indeed, it survives by eating its young. Whatever unity it has is that every capitalist must stab every other capitalist in the back in the end, ad infinitum.