Free Education

The Centre for Cultual Studies at Goldsmiths University of London took a decision to make as many as possible of its lecture series open to the public without fee. Seminars, essays, library access etc remain for sale. Still, here is a chance to explore cultural studies without getting into debt. The classes are MA level, mostly in the day – though in spring the Capital course is early tuesday evening We usually run 10 week courses (though Stiegler and Berry-Slater run for 5 weeks in the Spring) . Reading required will be announced in class, but preliminary reading suggestions can also be found by following the links. RHB means main building of Goldsmiths – Richard Hoggart Building.

Autumn Term – starting October 3rd.

Mondays 11am – 1pm
Cultural Theory – Lecture
Prof Scott Lash
RHB 137A

Tuesdays 11am – 1pm
Postcolonial Theory ­ Lecture/Seminar
Dr Bhaskar Mukhopadhyay
RHB 342a

Wednesdays 10am – 12 noon
Critical Theory – Lecture
Dr Luciana Parisi
RHB 308

There will be additional open lecture series in the Spring (venues tbc)

Spring Term

Sound, Text and Image – Dr Sophie Fuggle (mondays)

Capitalism and Cultural Studies – Prof John Hutnyk (tuesday evenings)

Biopolitics and Aesthetics – Dr Josie Berry-Slater (thursdays)

Media Philosophy – Prof Bernard Stiegler (thursdays)

all welcome.

3 thoughts on “Free Education”

  1. Free Education – both a description and a call? Good news (as long as the Big Society Bank isn’t funding extra seminars…??)


  2. Great idea…would be even better if these lectures could be webcast/podcast for those of us not able to make it to London!


    1. we recorded some last year, but frankly our skills were not up to scratch. Going to try again and if it works will post here (truth is, cracked the camera. Maybe the other colleagues would be more camera-friendly :)


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