Millibrand’s labour opportunism is not worth the paper its paraphrased from.

Re Millibrand’s Tuition Fee ‘pledge’ – if this below from ‘Research Fortnight’ is true, why stop at a 6K cap? Surely 0.35% can be extended to 0.70% or more? 1.35% would surely fix it all? Need to reread the entire article, but the key trick is here:
‘So let’s imagine an ambush by a political party on the eve of the next general election advocating an immediate cut in the fee cap to, say, £6,000. This would imply a cut in CPI of about 0.35 per cent, corresponding to a saving of about £1.2bn in spending. Throw in savings on loan defaults, access and the National Scholarship Scheme and a stunning political calculation emerges. Thanks to the CPI effect, it will be possible for a party to go into the next election on a platform of cutting fees to £6,000 and restoring the corresponding block grant for teaching—with zero net impact on the public finances.’
My maths is shit – but like everyone else I smell a rat. Labour is not even good at opportunism. We’ve had pledges from shiny-bodgie wannabee’s before now.