Dan Cull ‘Riot Pron and links’

Dan Cull has done the round-up, found thanks to a ping-back, its well worth circulating, for the record, so to speak. Thanks Dan. More news anyone? Look out for the next round up which surely has to be of prisoner support, and 10,000 articles condemning the Cameron-Clegg-Milliband-Robocop repression…


riot pron and links

Chavez Campbell Predicted Trouble:

Eyewitness accounts:

The voiceless find their voice:

Anarchist perspectives:

Other viewpoints

Comics Respond:


Trade Union Response to Riots:

Community Responses:

Famous Academic Shows his Racist Side: 

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  1. Thanks for the re-post. Just so you know I’m updating it every few days at the moment… so there’s a few more interesting links there too now.
    Cheers, Dan.


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