Free Gaza Meeting

Freedom Flotillas 1 and 2 Public meeting
Wednesday, 27 July, 2011 @ 20:00, Churchill room, London House,Goodenough College, Mecklenburgh Square, WC1N 2AB
Speakers and topics:
Audrey Bomse: The Legality of the Blockade on Gaza from an international legal perspective;
Adie Mormech: The humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip
Ewa Jasiewicz: The Freedom Flotilla and its Impact on the Gaza Blockade
See you there!

Crusader – white supremacy in Norway

Breivik is identified as a self-declared ‘anti-Muslim crusader’ with a 1500 word [sorry page!] manifesto and links to the English Defense League.[i]

That the terrorist self-styles as crusader is no surprise, but again media attention focuses upon the lone-wolf, rogue element, and individuation so as to engender control, in the same way that the manufacturing process divides items, and persons, for management on the assembly line and market.[ii] This trinketization ignores, even as we see it on screen, the intimate connections and overall tendential movement that should be diagnosed as a new and vicious military-informational complex, modeled and sold with glossy brochure News Corp and ‘’ publicity campaign. It starts with so-called humanitarian bombing, moves through years of attritional combat, and extortion, assassination, murder-death-kill, and at best ends up with construction contracts and ongoing client state dependency, at worst, dissolution, despair and destructive neo-fascist entropy. A form of privatization over scorched earth – the policy choice of the crusades, colonialism and now fully global as World War Three – this blowback only begins to show as breaking news if you are not actually watching.

And on his list of to do things was to start a Norwegian EDL. Gah.

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[ii] See Adorno, Theodor 1952[2005] In Search of Wagner, London: Verso, p39.

A couple of things to do or see, read, shout, turnabout…do the hokey… you know you wanna

Things to do in London if you are not yet dead. All mentioned at the Bradford 12 Commemoration on Saturday.

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