Belle D’Opium

Some might think this bad taste. I think its a hoot, and bad taste. A commercial sell-out I’d missed – Nitin Sawhney, Romain Gavras (who also did the MIA vid I am writing about) Mélanie Thierry working together on a Yves Saint Laurent advert with dodgy choreography by Akram Khan. My thanks to Dr Royona Mitra for pointing me at this in her excellent thesis on Akram’s performances. Finding the vein was my addition though – Thierry/voiceover says in the film ‘I am your addiction’ – even as getting this screen shot was a bit time consuming. Everyone should all know you can’t mainline opium of course, duffer trickster exoticists. The whole film is here:

2 thoughts on “Belle D’Opium

  1. Will this be on the telly in the run up to xmas sandwiched between reruns of coronation street and the tv premiere of the disney remake of salo. Just the proximity to opium/heroin guarantees sales…tell me its addictive and you know i’ll want more.


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