Crusader – white supremacy in Norway

Breivik is identified as a self-declared ‘anti-Muslim crusader’ with a 1500 word [sorry page!] manifesto and links to the English Defense League.[i]

That the terrorist self-styles as crusader is no surprise, but again media attention focuses upon the lone-wolf, rogue element, and individuation so as to engender control, in the same way that the manufacturing process divides items, and persons, for management on the assembly line and market.[ii] This trinketization ignores, even as we see it on screen, the intimate connections and overall tendential movement that should be diagnosed as a new and vicious military-informational complex, modeled and sold with glossy brochure News Corp and ‘’ publicity campaign. It starts with so-called humanitarian bombing, moves through years of attritional combat, and extortion, assassination, murder-death-kill, and at best ends up with construction contracts and ongoing client state dependency, at worst, dissolution, despair and destructive neo-fascist entropy. A form of privatization over scorched earth – the policy choice of the crusades, colonialism and now fully global as World War Three – this blowback only begins to show as breaking news if you are not actually watching.

And on his list of to do things was to start a Norwegian EDL. Gah.

[i]  and  – last accessed 26 July 2011

[ii] See Adorno, Theodor 1952[2005] In Search of Wagner, London: Verso, p39.

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  1. indeed. pages, not word. which seems so much more serious and still no calls for the EDL to be crushed in the egg.

    Demo 3 Sept Tower Hamlets.


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