Slow/No News Day (or so it is made to seem)

The three fucking amigos, bastard dingbat flunkies from obsolete piggy pollie parties each singing from the same hymn sheet trying to save face and protect a disgraced plenipotentiary (propaganda wing of Capital). Fuck them. And the faded pundit celebrities lining up to resurrect careers with the odd critical quip, sitting on studio couches alongside spotlight mesmerized reality TV News instant message heroes, with the redhead hung out to twist her curls in the wind as Sideshow Bob while the war rages unabashed. The ferocity of feeling that measures anger, the acute sensibility despite the taunts of crazed coppers, the articulate parallel sphere that insists on the urgent and relevant news not this dumbshow pantomime – give me that. A revolution is brewing, the cauldron is boiling in the wings, the vat will fit them nicely, we’ll pop on the lid and let them boil. Turn off these three stooges of the parliamentary path and lets watch something funny. Parliament, Sporting events, and Kettles are cheap television because the cameras know in advance where the action will be (contained). Close it all down, not just the tabloids and the phantasmagoric sky, we can make it all anew.


3 thoughts on “Slow/No News Day (or so it is made to seem)

  1. I’m really sorry – I agree with the principles of what you’re saying, it just reads like a wanabee Martin Amis. Write normally.


    1. Ouch, that’s a punch in the teeth re Amis. :) Seriously, but what do you reckon is normal? The crap editorials we can read in the papers today are even worse than the newscasts. I thought I could escape, but the same tones drone everywhere.


  2. Ah, and in case the original post seems hyperbolic, let’s remember each of the amigos has cosey’d up to Citizen Murdoch and his orc armies many times over, and at least Murdorch had Coulson sacked. If Sauron is not a fit and proper person to run the yellow press, what of a PM who hired the person so recently sacked? With Millibrand no less compromised, and Clegg looking guilty… The inquiry, and the share price collapse, must become a peoples’ court to put the 3 Amigo ringsmasters themselves on trial.


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