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Dear friends,I’d like to ‘officially’ share with you my latest graphic novel, ‘Prisoners of Love’, which chronicles Ewa Jasiewicz’s experience on the Freedom Flotila last year (it has been ‘unofficially’ making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter this week).  This is a chapter in a larger project I’ve been (slowly) working on, but felt it was appropriate to publish this now in the lead up to the upcoming flotilla about to sail to Gaza – Freedom Flotilla II – Stay Human.  Please visit the blog for more info or to buy a copy.  A press release is below for further reading.Thanks,



New Graphic Novel Tackles Israeli Raid on Last Year’s Freedom Flotilla

London, UK – June 21, 2011

A new graphic novel, Prisoners of Love, tells the story from the point of view of Ewa Jasiewicz, an activist who took part in the Freedom Flotilla’s mission to Gaza last year, bringing much needed material support and solidarity to the Palestinian people living under Israel’s brutal and illegal blockade.

The Israeli PR machine commandeered the narrative before the gun smoke had cleared, constructing a story replete with “violent extremists” who attacked the Israeli soldiers who had stormed their ship in an attempt to ‘lynch’ them.

Israeli officials confiscated all material of the event recorded by passengers, and in doing so created a factual vacuum that it filled with a well planned, well orchestrated media offensive to justify their use of deadly force.  However, soon other voices, and other stories began to emerge, stories that ran counter to the official Israeli version, of indiscriminate assassinations, of brutal treatment of wounded passengers, and a searing contempt of due process.

The narrative of the comic is based on the final chapter of Ewa Jasiewicz’s book ‘Podpalic Gaze’ (Razing Gaza) published in Poland by WAB in February 2011.  The book is based on Jasiewicz’s experiences as a medical volunteer during Operation Cast Lead 2009 as well as analysis of the historical and present-day relationship between Poland and Israel.

Sack finished Prisoners of Love a year to the day – May 29th – that this occurred, and hopes this raises awareness of the upcoming Freedom Flotilla 2 – Stay Human, which is due to sail with 10 ships and 1000 people to Gaza in late June.

Prisoners of Love is part of a larger collection of graphic short stories, from Israel and Gaza, to the jungles of Congo, the streets of London and Warner Bros Theme Park in Spain.

Jon Sack

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And then from the dark side, the Guardian reports on this truly mad bit of Panto:

Graphic novel outlines raid to capture bin Laden

MATT MOORE – AP foreign, Friday June 24 2011

Associated Press= PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The daring secret mission to get Osama bin Laden by elite U.S. forces will be told in the pages of a new graphic novel that aims to shed more light — with a bit of creative license — on the event.

Written by retired U.S. Marine Capt. Dale Dye and Julia Dye, the 88-page hardcover “Code Word: Geronimo” takes a look at the mission that is free from politics, a move the authors said was aimed at keeping the focus on those who planned, conducted and executed the raid. IDW Publishing said a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the American Veterans Center.

“People from all parties and from more than one administration made this all possible,” Julia Dye told The Associated Press. “It’s an American celebration.”

It was also a quick process adapting the real-life event for the book, illustrated by artists Gerry Kissell and Amin Amat, and set for release Sept. 6, less than a week before the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

IDW, a San Diego-based publisher known for its line of comics that include “G.I. Joe,” ”Star Trek” and “Doctor Who,” said the story about bin Laden’s capture would appeal to both new and established readers.

Tom Waltz, IDW’s editor and a Marine who was in the Gulf War, called the story a detailed account of the mission.

“I firmly believe you won’t get a more accurate account [for sure! – ed] of this pivotal moment in history unless it is told by the SEAL team members themselves, [even better – incredulous ed]” Waltz said.

Julia Dye called the work necessary for the nation [uh huh -ed], particularly having had to live “within the shadow” of bin Laden for so long.

Read the rest online here. [if you dare – ed]