The Middle East, North Africa: The prospects for Revolution. 30.5.2011

The Middle East, North Africa

The Prospects for Revolution!

The recent uprisings that have rocked regimes in the Middle East and North Africa showed how quickly people can shatter what Marx called the “belief in the permanence of existing conditions”. Yet the local and international centers of power are even now trying to tame and turn back these movements. The women gathered on March 8th Women’s Day in Cairo’s Tahrir Square were told, “Back to your kitchens – the revolution’s over!” And we have seen how over and over again powerful mass uprisings that topple tyrants are absorbed back into the system – in the Philippines, Indonesia, Nicaragua, or think of Iran, where the overthrow of the Shah was followed by the Islamic Republic… – and for the great majority the wheels of oppression grind on … How can this be avoided? What kind of society is needed by the peoples of this region and people all over the world? This conference analyses the prospects for a thorough-going revolution that breaks free from the grip of imperialist domination. Join in a day of serious discussion and warm-hearted solidarity!


Nawal el-Saadawi, author of The Hidden Face of Eve, Daughter of Isis, Memoirs from the Women’s Prison, from Egypt

Amir Hassanpour, University of Toronto, Canada, from Iran

Raymond Lotta, revolutionary political economist, writer for Revolution newspaper, from the US

Shahrzad Mojab, academic-activist, Professor University of Toronto in gender studies, education & women and revolution, from Iran

Sami Ramadani, senior lecturer, London Metropolitan Uni, from Iraq

Aitemad Muhanna, researcher in gender issues in Gaza, Palestine

Panel Chair: John Hutnyk, Bad Marxism, Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmith’s

Location: Conway Hall (Red Lion Square, Holborn tube)

Date: 30 May – Bank Holiday Monday

Time: 9:30 am to 5 pm (£9 – £7 concessions)

For more info, contact the Committee for a Revolutionary Alternative on facebook or email: lonconf2011[at] or call 07904 550 033

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    Some other causes are:
    • General lack of civil rights.
    • Lack of political freedoms/ dictatorship prevails in both regions
    • Lack of confidence in the judicial system
    • Pple Lack of confidence in a ruler who had been around for many years, not elected via “democratic” means
    • Generally slow pace of economic growth, falling behind that of many of its neighbors
    • More importantly, worsening economic inequality, which is particularly bad in oil-rich nations where the upper class controls the production and really has no need to appease the general population (e.g. Libya)
    • A recent uptick in food prices and general inflation is catastrophic for the lower class who spend the bulk of their income on food consumption. Creates massive discontent in the Middle East in general
    • Popular uprising in Tunisia and the eventual overthrow of the leader Ben Ali was catalyst for subsequent protests in Egypt/Mubarak and Libya/Gaddafi
    • Poverty
    • Religious differences
    • Influence of the media
    • social and job security lacks with growing inequality between different classes and social standing
    • Increase in corruption leading to discrimination
    • Widening gap between the rich and the poor


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