May Day 2011

Spoiled for choice on May Day?

A instrument for our Leninist battle in the global crisis

 FOR us, theory always has a practical meaning – it allows us to make CRUCIAL CHOICES in the STRUGGLE.



May Day 2011


At 14:30 on SUNDAY 1st May 2011

Russell Room

The Conway Hall,

25 Red Lion Sq,

London WC1 4RL

(near Holborn Underground station)

 «We are marching in a compact group along a precipitous and difficult path, firmly holding each other by the hand. We are surrounded on all sides by enemies, and we have to advance almost constantly under their fire. We have combined, by a freely adopted decision, for the purpose of fighting the enemy, and not of retreating into the neighbouring marsh”.

(Lenin What Is To Be Done?”)

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Marxist Study Centre


Sergio Motosi Institute

The “Sergio Motosi Institute for the Study of the International Working-Class Movement” was founded and registered at Genoa in the April of 2005.

The Institute is not a money-making concern, and as laid out in its charter, “its aim is the in-depth study of the history of the working-class movement throughout the world, with particular reference to the forms of political and trade union organisations from their inception to the present day; and the promotion of contact and exchange of ideas and experiences, whether between members of the Institute itself or with other institutes researching or studying the same subject”.

The Institute is named for Sergio Motosi (1946-2002), the initiator of its activities. A first collection of essays and articles by Sergio Motosi, a student of economy and of the problems of the proletariat, was published in Milan in 2003.

Our Institute edits a monthly publication, a “Bulletin” in a variety of languages, featuring analytical articles on international politics and economy.