downloadable texts

Culture Move‘ on ADF: in Ghadar May 2000

early version of the Pantomime Terror article

an article on Asian Communists in the UK from Social Identities ;

a piece on Fun*Da*Mental from South Asian Popular Culture;

Adorno at Womad from Postcolonial Studies.

The Chapatti Story from Contemporary South Asia;

Michael Palin’s Himalaya in in Journal of the Moving Image

The Politics of Cats from Stimulus Respond;

Culture from Theory Culture Society New Encyclopedia Project

Bataille’s Wars from Critique of Anthropology;

Jungle Studies from Futures;

Photogenic Poverty: Souvenirs and Infancy from the Journal of Visual Culture;

Hybridity from Ethnic and Racial Studies;

also Hybridity as ‘Contact Zones’ in shorter form at Transversal here.

and with Laura King, ‘The Eighteenth Brumaire of Gaius Baltar’ from Breaching the Colonial Contract: Anti-Colonialism in the US and Canada, ’Chapter Twelve – King and Hutnyk‘ [spoilers to end of BSG S03E20)

Tourism: Trinketization and the Manufacture of the Exotic


FULL TEXT OF Dis-Orienting Rhythms: the politics of the new Asian dance music

FULL TEXT OF Bad Marxism: Capitalism and Cultural Studies, from Scribed.