Talk: Machiko Nakanishi 11 May 2011 4pm

CCS invites you to a talk by:

Machiko Nakanishi

The Transformation of Reflexivity  

Venue: Goldsmiths, LG G3,  4pm, 11th May 2011 (Chair: Scott Lash)

The purpose of this seminar is to discuss the transformation of reflexivity, to compare the difference of reflexivity between the UK and Japan, and to study the relation of the market and reflexive modernization for the future.

1   Change of Reflexivity according to Social change

At first, I discuss the transformation of reflexivity. Reflexivity means the concept of reflecting oneself to others, and determining oneself by the reflection of others. The character of reflexivity changes according to social change. It changes from cognitive reflexivity (self-reflexivity and structural reflexivity as suggested by Giddens and Beck) affected by rational modernization to aesthetic and hermeneutic reflexivity( as suggested by Lash)   affected by modernization of aesthetics. It again changes to phenomenological reflexivity in the information society.The concept of reflexivity is changing and extending.

2   Difference of reflexivity between the UK and Japan

Secondly I will compare reflexivity and reflexive modernization between the UK and Japan.  Influences of reflexive modernization flow from Western modernization, but affect the world as a whole-and they refract back to start to reshape modernization at its point of origin. In Western society including the UK, the ‘I’ is most important. While in Japan, the ‘ we ’ is more important than the ‘I’. In the traditional Western society, reflexivity remains limited, while in the traditional Japanese society, collective, hermeneutic and phenomenological reflexivities   work very well together. A different reflexive modernization can be possible in Japan.

3   Market & Reflexivity

In the reflexive society, where phenomenological reflexivity works, our senses have changed, reflecting market change. I express it as ‘ market-sense reflexivity’. It is sense, emotion and society which are exchanged through the framework of the market. In addition, new reflexivities can be born and transform themselves according to the transformation of market.

Visiting fellow of CCS
Associate Professor of Sociology and Marketing
Faculty of Management ,
Chukyo University, Nagoya, Japan

  All Welcome.