Lewisham Carnival Against Cuts

Saturday 19th February From 11am, Lewisham, South East London

The largest community protest EVER staged in the UK! Dozens of demonstrations borough-wide, followed by one mass march. The day ordinary people become quite extraordinary. Saturday 19th February from 11am to 12 noon culminating in 2 minutes of noise from people banging on saucepans and kettles with wooden spoons and saucepan lids. OVER 100 community groups will stage protests at EVERY venue facing cuts or closure.

We will not let these cuts destroy our community.
We will not ignore this coalition’s policies.
We will not let Lewisham’s Labour Council continue on this path of waste, mismanagement and savage cuts.

  • Community groups opposed to library closures will organise carnival protests outside every threatened library.
  • Students will protest at every college across the borough.
  • Pensioners and others will be protesting outside Lewisham Hospital in support of the BMA objections to the changes to the NHS and creeping privatisation, and supporting concerns from nurses, Doctors, patients and healthworkers.
  • Young people will be protesting at youth provision venues facing cuts.
  • Residents associations & tenants groups will be organising an estate protest against council housing policy. No to 80% rent increases and loss of security of tenure.
  • Disabled groups will be protesting at community centres such as Open doors and Connexions facing closure and cuts.
  • Bank customers and UK Uncut will be protesting at banks opposed to our money being used to subsidise banks. Who in turn are paying out bonuses. What our government SAYS and DOES are two different things.
  • Transport – Public transport users will be protesting at selected rail stations in protest at the massive rise in the cost of travel while the train companies continue to make massive profits, exploiting peoples necessity to use public transport.
  • Allotment holders will be protesting against rising costs. Many may be priced out of their plots.
  • Unions will be organising action across the borough in support of hundreds of local workers facing job losses.
  • Local traders will be protesting against record increases in business rates, license fees and car parking charges for shoppers, whilst many shoppers will be protesting outside shops owned by companies who avoid paying tax in the UK
  • Teachers and parents will be protesting in support of the “No to Tidemill Academy Campaign” at Tidemill school in Deptford where the head teacher was paid over £240,000 last year, and £47,000 of our council tax was used to pay his pension contributions
  • Convoys Wharf development – in the largest development outside of the Olympics. Lewisham is set to get millions in planning gain money. The community will get almost nothing. Forty-four storey blocks will cut off the view of the Thames for local people. No jobs and no affordable housing are included. This is putting private profit before community need.
  • An armada of small boats will close the river Thames from Convoys Wharf and Canary Wharf to raise awareness of this extensive planning proposal that will see huge profits for the developers but no real community benefit for the people of Deptford.
  • Early Childhood Centres – parents and disabled groups will be protesting outside Amersham, Rushey Green, Downderry and Ackroyd  Early Years Centres and other services facing closure or cuts. There will also be protests at the loss of mobility allowance.
  • Homeless people and workers will be staging protests at hostels against 60% cuts to services affecting the most vulnerable people.

At 12.30pm people will start assembling from across the borough outside the Town Hall in Catford to march to Lewisham Town Centre for a short rally with guest speakers.

Goldsmiths will be holding a social event on the evening of the protest.

This will be the model protest for the rest of the country to follow.


Lewisham People Before Profit – Carnival Against Cuts
www.LPBP.org.uk www.CarnivalAgainstCuts.org.uk

This event has the support of:

  • Business leaders
  • Resident Associations
  • Commuter passenger groups
  • Keep Our NHS Public
  • Pensioners groups
  • Local Trader Associations
  • Disability Campaign groups
  • No to Academy campaigners
  • Youth leaders
  • All of Lewisham’s Unions
  • Political parties – Lewisham People Before Profit, Socialist Party, Green Party and others
  • Lewisham Anti-Cuts Alliance
  • Right to Work Campaign
  • UK Uncut
  • Goldsmiths Students and lecturers
  • Save Lewisham’s Libraries campaigns