It was at this time of year, two years back, that Obama said he’d close down Guantanamo. Those living ghosts are still there, so I couldn’t resist including this poster as an oblique flyer for the Ghost Dance screening that is on Monday night at Goldsmiths (see below). This soviet era poster is captioned something like ‘Ghostly Good’ but I’m unable to deceipher the full thing. What is going on?

Which may also be the question asked on monday night’s film – come and ask it. The discussion after last week’s film was pretty good.


Ghost Dance – 6.30 pm 24 Jan 2010

In 1983 Derrida collaborated with Ken McMullen on the film Ghost Dance.

Screening, all welcome – Monday  24 Jan 2010 RHB Cinema Goldsmiths. 6.30 pm.

Obliquely linked to the spectres in the Cultural Studies and Capitalism course on tuesdays at 4.