[Guest Post] Tesco’s- an obligatory passage point? Black Boxes vs an unreduced cosmos

Irresponsible appropriation of philosophy- spaces for thought, spaces for action…

Tess Quixote

What happens when you break with ‘space’? Charles Holland’s reflections on the USO through Tschumi’s quote ‘There is no space without event, no architecture without programme’: ‘Architecture could not be dissociated from the events that ‘happened’ in it’ is an excellent tool to think with.

The USO broke the normative use of the ‘architecture’ of Tesco: it was an imminent guerilla ‘text’, a USO ‘lecture’ that was there to expose, denigrate, sick-up; strip-bare with an acidic precision the text of a supposedly already ‘politicised’ space.  On/w/e could argue that the architecture of a company is two-fold: the structural architecture of a discursive space- an ‘out-there’ spectrality that haunts the physical but which we have strategies to disavow- keep the fluorescent-night-light of non-time flickering over the aisles and the nightmare doesn’t press too hard on your chest; then there is the ‘physical’ in which the movement of bodies is accommodated, ordered, formalised.

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