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Johannes Effra (doctorate pending, viva thursday) from The Press Office of The University For Strategic Optimism prepared this helpful round up of the latest mentions of the fledgling University. Most offer praise, some are critical, and all offer something by way of thought or reflection on tactics and goals.

Excellent coverage on K-Punk and Infinite Thought:
K-Punk here: – “Kettle Logic” (29/11/10) another piece of strategic optimism using the USO to discuss a change in tactics in students, against containment both by police and the right-wing press.
IT here: – “A Nation of Shopkeepers” (04/12/10) compares USO strategies to the UK Uncut actions against Vodafone, Topshop etc .

One of the most systematic and interesting critiques of the USO comes from the Logical Regression blog, “Mourning Star: The Cul-de-sac we’re in” (04/12/10): here. Response by Dan Taylor: here

Chris Bertram simply posts up the first lecture, but there’s a typically reactionary though interesting debate in the comments stream: here

Charles Holland writes a good piece on the USO and architecture: here

A piece by Richard Hall comparing the Really Open University and current student actions that mentions the USO in a positive vein here

Another fair account of student actions and the USO here by Lucy Mayblin, “We are no longer the post-ideological generation” on the socialimagination site (03/12/10): here

A mention in the excellent south London blog Transpontine in an “Anti-Cuts Round Up” (05/12/10), here

Tawdry controversy in this exchange here about USO tactics hijacking the ‘disaster’ in a neoliberal vein – here

If anyone can read this (in Korean) then there might well be an interesting account of the USO: here

Reposts of the first video here, with good coverage in Liberal Conspiracy, Critical Legal Thinking, Shoppinghour, Chto Delat news etc: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here

Further brief link to the group here

2 thoughts on “USO news round up

  1. Under the guise of an economic collapse, we see the public resources that once supported us, and the public spaces that once provided fertile grounds for shelter and inspiration degrade. Every level of public education has been cut to the bone, programs for the homeless and public welfare have been scaled back in contradiction to escalating needs, and dozens of basic necessities have become difficult to obtain or too expensive to afford—from finding healthcare to transportation, jobs to housing.

    The managers of industry, university administrators, and bank executives have undercut our public commons, imposed burdens on workers and gambled away our future in a thoughtless, last-ditch reaction to prop up a failing system. The bailout of banks, bloated managerial budgets and salaries, and the privatization of public schools are some of the devastating initiatives they continue to push; and so now, we’re beginning to see the aftermath: high foreclosures rates, lay-offs and unreasonable tuition. What seemingly began as an economic crisis, has become a crisis of social values. Do we stand by and accept their tired policies, or do we refuse them and reinvent ourselves?

    As a mosaic of communities that recoil from the unbearable, we have the ability to network and join together, not only to fight off cuts and injustices, but to recreate and sustain our future. In the emergence of the student movement, we’ve seen our creativity flourish and the formation of new ties and connections between commonly separated groups. We see our united strength, and we know that together we can challenge the false options between housing and the environment, education and prison reform, and the false division between workers and students. We reject any “solutions” that would maintain one community at the expense of other vulnerable populations.


  2. occupy California


    Remaking the University –

    Council of UC Faculty Associations –

    -Bob Meister’s analysis of the UC bonds is available here

    Checking Education –

    Keep California’s Promise –

    AFSCME Local 3299

    -American Federation of State County & Municipal Employees

    -the union for service workers (i.e. dining hall workers, bus drivers, custodians, etc) and patient care workers (i.e. health center employees)


    -University Professional & Technical Employees (Union)

    -They called for the Sept. 24 strike and are calling for a strike during the Regents Meeting


    -Coalition of University Employees (Union)

    -UC clerical employees


    -Teaching Assistants’ union


    -American Federation Teachers, the union for librarians and lecturers


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