Notebook – questions…

Questions for Bonnie:
– are the cuts proposed by the Con Dem dalliance as incoherent as some have said? Or are they the rabid response of an ill-cooked coalition of opportunist troglodytes?
– Or, rather,  is this a specific move/set of moves on the part of neo-liberal capital (structural adjustment programmes for all!)?
– are the cuttings in the different sectors the ‘same’ in terms of impact, rhetorical style (audience) and analysis needed?
– can the opposition to cuts be articulated in a way that goes beyond a return to 1999 defensiveness, so as to begin moving towards a society ‘fit for purpose’ (ie where labour power is not captured by capital. where machines no longer work us, where the war machine does not wreak universal havoc [that’s our job])?
– can the analysis help link up the sectoral campaigns/groups?
– what language is needed to counter media spin, the myth of apathy (pretty well busted in the last week or two) and resignation?
– what language capitalises upon/celebrates the resurgent atmosphere that presently sustains the campaign?
– where is the time to write something on all this, eh john, where? Emile, please give us hand with this text. Good on yer.
(the pic is of Emile explaining to me that although it is raining, he can go outside and ride while carrying an umbrella).