Trinket of choice.

I know what Emile will want for Xmas – or at least the Mattel toy that would shoot this one down. Oh what fun the boys will have. Ka-pow.

(I can’t believe its not the first of April – thanks Grave. The Future is Going to Come True).

Liverpool police make first mini-chopper arrest

by Nick Webster. Published Thu 11 Feb 2010 10:31, Last updated: 2010-02-11

The police spy-in-the-sky droneThe police spy-in-the-sky drone

Police in the Liverpool region made Britain’s first ever arrest using a camera mounted on a remote control eye-in-the-sky mini-helicopter.

Thermal images from a camera mounted on the drone were used to track down a suspected car thief hiding under cover of thick fog in the Sefton area.

The device – known officially as a Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) – was used pinpoint the spot where the wanted man was lying in undergrowth beside a canal.

Merseyside Police are the only force in the UK to used the #40,000 UAV which is is far cheaper to use than a conventional helicopter for small-scale operations.

The arrest came a fortnight ago when a Renault Clio was reported stolen at Bootle.

A police search and pursuit operation saw ended when two men dumped the Clio near the Leeds-Liverpool canal and ran off.

One man was caught immediately but second vanished in the fog into an area alongside the canal towpath.

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  1. Only question here is which will survive the cuts longest – copper or chopper… (maybe mini-coppers will replace both..?)


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