Higher Education Demo 10.11.10 – I think we’d do well to surround Westminster for a month and cut off supply.

For details of the Nov 10 demonstration on the Con-Dem Higher Education cuts see:

And this letter below from Goldsmiths saying, pretty much, all out for the demonstration – the logistics of how to get the 6000 visitors to the Goldsmiths Open Day down to Downing Street to rattle Cameron’s cage is, of course, still to be worked out.

The Warden held a meeting with UCU representatives at their request to
discuss the Fund our Future Campaign, established jointly between UCU and
the NUS.  He separately also met Students’ Union Representatives on this
and other issues.

The College recognises that changes to funding will have significant
consequences for the whole sector in the coming years.

The College management will make its views known to government on its
proposals as they emerge.  It will do so individually, and collectively
with sector colleagues through channels open to it, as it always has done.

However, we recognise that many staff, students and other interested
parties feel they will wish to make their views known via the Fund Our
Future Campaign, and this includes a proposed demonstration on 10th
November 2010.

On one hand, the fact that this is in reading week means that this will not
generally put staff and students in the difficult position of choosing
whether to attend college for teaching or go on the demonstration.

We would encourage Heads of Department not to put unnecessary barriers in
the way of staff or students reorganising their working time so that they
can attend the demonstration if they wish to do so.

On the other hand it is unfortunate that the demonstration coincides with
our College Open Day.  Our Trades Union colleagues and the Students’ Union
recognise that we need to ensure that this is properly staffed.  We would
ask Heads of Department to ensure that they have planned and agreed who is
to attend the Open Day on the Department’s behalf.  Can I remind colleagues
that we had more than 6,000 visitors on open Day last year.

I am sure that -working together – staff, student and Heads of Department
can arrange activities in a way that will meet everyone’s needs.

Chris Pearson
Director of Human Resources