countermapping qmary project: flashymob

We would like to invite you to the next event of the countermapping qmary project:
a game-playing flashmob and a meeting/discussion
on Thursday 24 June Francis Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus QMary
2pm: come and play the board game we have designed about the university, taking risks and crossing borders – we will be playing multiple games with students and staff around the campus. Meet in the foyer of the francis bancroft building.
4pm: you are invited to attend an open countermapping meeting about imagining and building a campaign against the cuts to education and border controls. venue: room 4.08 francis bancroft building
What would a campaign that seeks to disrupt, challenge and cross the border/s that operate in, on and around the university – look like? If we continue by posing the problem of what is the university and in doing so continue with our investigation of the function of the university not only as a knowledge factory but also as a border. At the centre of our understanding of both education and borders is that the university as a border is made possible by the operation of a filter mechanism. The counting of bodies, money in and money out, who can and can not enter, what are we when we leave, cuts to funding and jobs, increases to student fees, the limits of what is and is not knowledge and the complicity with national and global border regimes – who and what is stopped at the border?
hope to see you there,
the countermappers of qmary

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