Border Infection – Goldsmiths 22-24 March 2010

Border Infection…Border Infestation… Border Indigestion! … We want to give the Border Authority the bug.

Each of the workshops in the series so far have been around themes where have been heavily invested in the ironies of these terms – Sonic Border was an earache, chaotic, noisy, cacophonia inserted into the ear-hole of postcolonial Britain. ‘Theatre border’ performed and misbehaved, clowning around with pantomime, and staging cross border apparitions of other worlds; Cinema Border-documentary tried to film ways across the border, looping reels and cut and splice to re-forge the documents of immigration control. So, this next “Border Infection” workshop takes the virus and infection metaphor a bit more seriously, critically and its obviously more on the edge, but its not the only governing metaphor of our event(s).


EXHIBITION – Monday through Friday || 22–26 March

An ongoing collaboration between Beyond Borders and LDN/ BRU which originated from a shared enthusiasm for questioning and transgressing creative, cultural and geographical boundaries. The exhibition brings together a group of international artists who share similar concerns and interests. Exploring issues and limitations surrounding urban and city narratives, ownership and dislocation, the show includes multimedia installations, videos and performances.

Work by: Raul Gschrey, Nicolas Sauret & Ashley Wong, Moustache Collectif and Helen Turner
The Gallery
Goldsmiths Students’ Union
Dixon Road, New Cross
London SE14 6NW
T 020 8692 1406
Day Workshop sessions:

Monday 22nd March 2010 12 noon–3pm and 6-8

Introduction: John Hutnyk

KEYNOTE: Vivek Bald – “Bengali Harlem: Histories of Indian Maritime Desertion in New York City, 1914-1946”

Jennifer Otter – “The infection of America Record Companies”

Leila Whitley “Producing the Migrant as Laborer”

Followed by the film “Hidden HERstories” (6PM RHB Cinema)


Tuesday 23rd March 12 noon-4pm and 6-7pm

Raul Gshrey – “Migration and Border Regimes in Europe: Systematic Invasion or Suppressed Movement”

Enis Oktay– “What’s the border bordering on, infection or fundament? Three interrelated anecdotes concerning the border’s economies of distinction.

Alix Brodie “‘God Bless the Village Green’: Protecting Fortress Britain in Fashion and Music”

Lindsay Crisp “Catch it. Bin it. Kill it: Swine flu and the paraphernalia of sterility.”

Sarah Ralfs “Transgressing borders: staging disease – infecting everbody. A talk about Christoph Schlingensief’s latest works”

KEYNOTE: Eyal Wizeman – “Political Plastic” (6pm)


Wenesday 24th March 11am– 6pm

Edda Manga – Weapons, Idealism and the Construction of Western Security

KEYNOTE: Angela Mitropolous “Borders, Contagion, Contracts” (2pm)

Guided Walk Neil Transpontine – “New Cross: borders and crossings”(3pm)

[note: at 6PM – Gurinder Chadha is the 7th Olive Till Memorial guest – separate ticket from Media and Comms dept]

8pm – PARTY


Plus also, THIS LINKED EVENT ON THURSDAY 25th march 2010:



Department of Media and Communications, Centre for Cultural Studies, L’Orientale University of Naples.

10 .00  Introduction Angela McRobbie

10.15- 10.45 Tiziana Terranova ‘Post Coloniality and Neo-Liberalism;Foucault in Iran’. 10.45- 11.15  Marie-Helene La Forest ‘Postcolonial Feminism and Transnational Claims’. 11 15- 12.00 discussion.


14.00- 18.00 DREAD CITY SECTION.

14.00- 14.30 Emanuela Maltese ‘Metaphors of Contagion Surrounding Haitian Vodou in NY . The Other Side of the Water’ (2009).

14.30- 15.00 Beatrice Ferrara ‘Dread City; Bass Culture and Postcolonial Urban Spatialities’

15.00- 15.30 Michaela Quadrano ‘Afro-Cyborg Visions; Affect and memory in Isaac Julien’s Encore 11 Radioactive (2005)

15.30- 16.00 Julian Henriques ‘Bass Culture, Rhythm and Representation’

16.00-16.30  John Hutnyk ‘keep Calm and Carry On; Low Level Anxiety in wartime London Today’

16.30- 17.00 Goldsmiths Post-Grad Contributions TBA



Exact venue and scheduling  information will be available next week, please email me to be on the invite list.