Bombing of Poems book to be launched at Goldsmiths 4.3.10

We are delighted to invite you to the launch of the book Bombing of Poems over Warsaw. A public intervention realized in Poland on the 8th August (2009) where one hundred thousand poems printed as bookmarks from a helicopter were dropped over the Castle Square and Old town of the city.

Warsaw is the 4th city that holds a Bombing of Poems.  Others were the La Moneda palace of Chile, bombed by Pinochet on 11/9/1973, (BoP 2001); the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, shelled on 6/12/1991 by Serbian and Montenegrin forces (BoP 2002); and the city of Gernika, Basque Country, Spain, which suffered the first Nazi air-bombardment on 26/4/1937 (BoP 2004)

The book gathers together a DVD, pictures, illustration and a total of the 80 poems –use in the event-written by contemporary Chilean and Polish poets translates in Spanish and Polish.

The book will be presented by Professor John Hutnyk and Cristóbal Bianchi on behalf of Casagrande.

During the launch we will screen a video of the performance which is included as a DVD in the book.

The event will be realized on the Thursday 4th of March from 18:00 to 21:00 at Ben Pimlot Lecture Theatre, Goldsmiths University of London.

Drinks will be served.


One thought on “Bombing of Poems book to be launched at Goldsmiths 4.3.10

  1. April 26th will mark the 74th anniversary (1937) of the bombing of Guernica when Hitler’s Air Force dropped bombs on market day as hundreds of civilians were in town. This was done at the request of the Spanish government. Picasso immortalized this event in the painting of “Guernica” and requested this painting be returned to the Basque Country after WWII which followed the Spanish Civil War. It had been safe in New York…and then sent to Madrid.
    There is an on-line petition to sign (pétition en ligne)…please help us get it back to the Basque Country in Guernica where it belongs.


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