1976Any similarity of this pic to persons living or dead, or having been in a band variously called “Stomp Stomp Wild Dance Crazy Turkey”; “The Thirteenth Battalion of Mind Raiders”; “Uncle Salty” or “Hoax” – or having a son named Emile – are purely co-incidental it seems. There are several things I hate, one of them being how slow I can be with the prefect rejoinder to a stupid comment (I usually get the right come-back three minutes later).  The other thing I hate is that if anyone thinks this sort of long hair was a bit out of date for 1976, they have to be reminded that the sixties happened later in outer suburban Melbourne. But we were still saved by punk. Our band name Uncle Salty, I should note, was ripped from a 1975 Aerosmith b-side track – the reverse of “Walk This Way” – itself later redone, as everyone must know, with Run DMC (and from there hip hop crossed over to a million Caucasoid ears). The effort to learn the ‘Walk’ and the ‘Salty’ riffs was worth it back then (no longer the done thing, as another gripester tells it): (file this under deep dark confessional & gripes):

Lyrics: S. Tyler, T. Hamilton

Uncle Salty told me stories of a lonely
baby with a lonely kind of life to lead
my mammy was lusted, Daddy he was busted
they left her to be trusted till the orphan bleeds
but when she cried at night, no one came
and when she cried at night, went insane

Uncle Salty told me when she was just a baby
that she’d get by and maybe someday she’d see
but soon she found her mother’s love for all the others
the pushers and the shovers was the life to lead
but when she cried at night, no one came
and when she cried at night, went insane

oooh, it’s a sunny day outside my window
oooh, it’s a sunny day outside my window
oooh, oh yeah
oooh, oh yeah, yeah yeah

now she’s doin any for money and a penny
a sailor with a penny or two or three
hers is the cunning for men who come a-runnin’
they all come for fun and it seems to me
that when she cried at night, no one came
and when she cried at night, went insane

oooh, it’s a sunny day outside my window

listen & watch here.

One thought on “resemblances”

  1. “longhair, n. – A man with long hair, particularly
    hair long enough to fall upon the shoulders.

    “Many guys have tossed around the idea of being a longhair. I guess I’ve wanted long hair myself since I was five years old. But like many guys, I’d start to grow it out, it would start to look messy or friends used to seeing it shorter would comment, and before long I would cut it. This went on for many years. Then finally, one day about seven years ago, I decided it was time I did what I wanted to do with my hair! I began to grow it out.

    “Lots of gals have longer hair, and they have had a lifetime of exchanging information about it. A gal with questions about longer hair can usually find numerous friends around who have it, to ask. Far fewer guys have long hair, so it is not likely for many guys that they will really have anyone to ask questions of, who they will be comfortable asking. So let me share what I’ve learned myself, and in discussion with other longhairs.

    “What I’ll be sharing here is what it is like to have long hair from a guy’s perspective. What I won’t get into is hair care products (male and female hair is the same, and you can find that information elsewhere). Nor will I delve into identity issues of a gender nature that involve long hair that a very few people such as trans people have. What I will discuss is what it is like for an ordinary masculine guy who wants to have long hair.

    “Guys have things to deal with that gals with long hair usually do not. Issues we have revolve around things like growing our hair out for the first time, finding masculine products in lines mainly sold to a female clientele, facing discrimination, and otherwise dealing with being a person in a minority, albeit a great looking one!

    “First, a word about just how much of a “freak” you will be. We constitute about two to three percent of the adult male population. Add to that perhaps another similar percentage who are “borderline longhairs”, guys with noticeably more hair than most guys, but not quite to the extent one would think of as being a longhair. That gives you a range of two to five percent. Thus you will not be unusual, but you will be a guy who stands out from the crowd to some degree.”



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