Retro music formation

livingin70sI’ve been searching through the remnants of my old vinyl collection and my first records, including the classic ‘hooks album “Living in the Seventies”, whose lyrics, somewhat sadly, say it all.

There were about a dozen bands I played in during the late 70s – all of which never got anywhere. Moment of vacuous glory: I once played with the bass player that joined ‘The Birthday Party’ and just a few years later ended up looking like this:

Other approximate ‘that era’ highlights. First band I went to see that was not Deep Purple (who toured in 1974): Check out the very same Skyhooks (if only they had not glam rock fashions…). Here and Here.

Or, first band I saw at a festival – though I do not remember it – Daddy Cool doing  Eagle Rock (a throw back to the sixties, but…).

Its the Molly Meldrum produced masterpiece by Russel Morris that deserves credit for making me want to remember this stuff (various versions exist, but this is a more recent re-edit of the vid, worth watching to the end, I think it might be the best pop Australia produced ever)

Hands down, the Easybeats (for the perfect pop song)

and for mullet fans, the great Angels: here

all worth a look. Of course middle period Nick Cave owes much to all this, but still rules,

I am probably wasting your time…

no doubt.


4 thoughts on “Retro music formation

  1. John, great news!!!

    We found your long lost brother. His muscial career was slightly more successful…

    And having matured slightly…

    It’s effing creepy the more you look.


  2. are you like me? I LOVE LOVE LOVE my records, but my younger sister stole most of the ones I had growing up, and our house just cant afford many more. =(


  3. I still have a bunch, but laziness means that the arm of my turntable is in need of recalibration and since I stopped playing records for money I’ve let those sort of tasks slide.

    What I regret is giving away a bunch of vinyl when I left Australia. Most prized, a near complete set of the work of Frank Zappa. I thought I’d not listen to them again (well, I kept about 8 of his albums) but now I miss em.


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