snowed out

img_1013I have always been more amazed that London cannot cope with mildly warm temperatures like 30 Celsius, than I am that everything stops also for snow. Mind you, it is a lot of snow I reckon, and well cold, so I am only going outside to build a snowperson, and to join the occasional impromptu snowball fight that happens on my street when pedestrians venture by. College, bless em, shut up shop at the first sign of weather. As this letter attests [editorial comments mine]:

2 February 2009
Due to today’s poor [no, fantastic!] weather conditions and the lack of
public transport, it has been decided that Goldsmiths, University of
London will be closed on health and safety grounds and all classes
will be cancelled for today [in favour of toboggan races on the back field].
The College should be open as usual, tomorrow [damn], Tuesday 3 February but
any updates to this will be posted on
We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause you [enjoy it while you can!].
Hugh Jones
Registrar and Secretary

3 thoughts on “snowed out”

  1. From Owen:

    And at the very least, Londoners can take icy revenge thusly:
    ‘The people vs. the banksters. Mass snowball fight. 1pm Tuesday 3rd Feb outside the Royal Bank of Scotland on Bishopsgate. Pass it on.’


  2. I heard its melting. You’re shit outta luck, mate. At least your kid is cute as hell – just saw the pics. Thanks for checking out my blog. Some Battlestar stuff coming up soon. Have you seen its composer Bear McCreary’s blog? Nicely done, he even posts musical scores from the eps:
    Watch out for spoilers tho if you’re not totally up to date with BT.


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