Vote Vote Vote

dogcd1sIts a long time since I looked at the blog stats for Trinketization, but I was provoked to do so by wordpress booster ad page’s calculated posting of words like ‘vote’ yesterday, no doubt catching plenty of traffic not looking for any other material than the obvious. Anyway, the stats page is probably interesting only to me (and not very) – but some of the top posts, with 500 plus visitors, are the newer ones – ie the Sonic Borders post, the Attack the Headquarters ones, and so on. But in terms of voting, I guess its the ones that came in with the lowest number of hits that strike me as in need of attention. There are of course some near empty posts that deserve neglect, but others… I had not thought, for example, that this post on Asian Communists in the UK: ‘Dialectic of here and there‘, would be at the bottom of the list. As a gesture of support for a lonely post I link to it here.

Oh, and this one too – often read on my old site, but neglected by wordpress. Coffee! Yes we can.