Dead technology

We’ve been trying for nearly three months to get the Reprographics section of Goldsmiths to remove a huge outmoded (and non-functioning) Xerox machine from the middle of our main office in CCS. Literally dozens of emails, visits, imploring calls and no joy. Today we arc up the campaign by sending them this letter:

Dear Reprographics:

Infidels. This is a Ransom Note.

We have your polluting bourgeois heathen capitalist running dog of a photocopier and will torture it mercilessly unless you arrange an immediate hostage exchange.

We attach a recent photograph as proof this infidel is in our possession. If you ever want to see it again, act quickly. We start cutting off its parts at sunrise.

– the CCS office space liberation committee (M-L – 17th September faction).

[Never let it be said that we concern ourselves with trivia. But I mean, for the love of Xog]

6 thoughts on “Dead technology”

  1. I thought the old copier was a kind of detournement – impractical, avant garde furniture. Its a good spot to put your coffee and fill out forms.


  2. It is with much fear of the wrath of Xog that I confess to using the old Xerox™ as a coffeetable (much in the same way that Mr. Teare describes)…however, I must let go of my hedonist ways and accept the fact that the room has no place to rest your mug of tea—therefore, I join the September faction in calling for the destruction (and/or removal) or the polluting, bourgeois, brutalist, heathen object…Repro must pay!!!!


  3. At last, someone is taking action against the preposterous crime of turning CCS into a Tech Cemetery. Next thing we know Arrabal will be setting a play about academic decay and the McDonaldization of higher education in the shabby quarters of 36 Laurie Grove.
    All the power to the September Faction!
    Photocopy Machine out now or else….
    The Clock is ticking, Repro…


  4. tomorrow we will hack the college server and replace the college logo with pictures of our beloved ex-copier. may its immortal memory live on, but not in our office!


  5. or maybe we will pickle it in cheap tavern chardonnay, put it inside a large glass tank, and sell it at christies for a million quid –


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