So a new term begins soon:


My Inagaural Public Lecture as Professor is on 30th September, at 5.30 in the Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre. You need an invite card from the College, so email me if you wanna come. Its an hour, but then we move directly to refreshments in a place that is (I’m sure) smirkingly called the Senior Common Room. And on elsewhere after that too…


My lecture course on Capital Volume One is on thursdays 11am-1pm from October 2nd for 11 weeks. (“Capitalism and Cultural Studies” for MAs and PhDs, with MA option seminars later in the afternoon). Again, email me for a course guide.

CU71012A Cultural Studies & Capitalism

Course Leader: Prof John Hutnyk

Time: Autumn, Thursday 11-1 pm

Room: RHB 143

Assessment: 5,000 word essay


Also, I’ll be giving a talk in Malmö (26 October tbc?) on a topic parsed from a recent post on this blog, though its not my parsing – still, an attempt off the cuff might just work (and the necessity is not all mine).


In what ways does movement imply change? What happens when the artists, musicians and performers move across and against boundaries between nations, languages, cultures and genres? Can consideration of creativity in terms of transformation and movement generate new methods for the study of home and belonging; of globalisation, creolisation, hybridity and fusion; of political work, alliances and aspirations?


Innebär förflyttning alltid förändring, och isåfall; hur? Vad händer när artister och musiker rör sig över och på tvärs mot vedertagna gränser mellan nationer, språk, kulturer och genrer? Om man talar om kreativitetens villkor i ljuset av gränsöverskridanden, föds kanske också nya sätt att se på begrepp som hem- och tillhörighet, globalisering, det mångkulturella och det hybrida. Och kanske reser det frågor om skapandet av nya politiska samhörigheter.


John Hutnyk with Dritero Kasapi and Saadia Hussein


And (finally, for now) the Sonic Diaspora Laboratory, mentioned here is on from November 3rd through November 8th. Invite only for the whole thing, but some of the days will be public. More details will be posted in due course.