non postings

* I really wanted to write a post about several things but there won’t be time. First up, I wanted to mark the passing of Bo Diddley last monday, aged 79. Hey hey hey R.I.P.

* Diddley was one of those who influenced the elegant wastrel Keith Richards, and I wanted to comment on the strange trajectory that would link Diddley’s box guitar riffs to Richards telecaster exoticist versioning on Brown Sugar and then on to him being channeled through ship-shape Captain Jack aka Johnny Depp, and thus remembering the slave stories that are obliquely if not totally occluded in recent blockbuster sailboat films (remember that Depp got to be a Caribbean Pirate after starting out as an undercover cop on 21 Jump Street).

All this flawed wanna be heroes stuff I would then render as some sort of twisted kinship diagramatic. But I won’t have time to draw.

* As is perhaps clear to some, I am reading a lot of PhD student work for annual panels. This allows me to learn, and reformulate my own thoughts and maybe even those of others sometimes. For example, randomly since it comes out of a text on performance art and immaterial labour, viral marketing and precarity, I remember Andy Warhol and rethink his slogan for more austere times:

In the future, everyone will be paid for just fifteen minutes.

Not sure if I will mean this as a critique of exploitation or as an aspiration for redistribution.

Answers on the head of a pin to the usual address please.