Budapest Keynote 13 June 2008

If you just happen to be in Budapest next week…

John Hutnyk – Keynote for the Conference “Framing Struggles”

“Framing Struggles or Containing Fears?

– Performative Paranoia and the Manufacture of Demons”.

Theatricality can sometimes out-perform theory. This presentation considers how insights from performance studies might provide a critical line on the range of theory-driven post-September 11 commentary that seeks to deal with the meaning of the war of terror and issues of public security. In particular the writings of Slavoj Zizek, Alain Badiou and Susan Buck-Morss will be examined, alongside the critical positions from media commentators and cultural artists. It seems that from the world of performance arts there might be a more nuanced understanding of the way the stories unfold, with implications for how we imagine scholarship and explanatory frameworks. The culture of fear creates demons, but a culture of struggle perhaps questions such framings.

Friday 13 June 17.30 PM (followed by a reception).


2ND CEU Sociology & Social Anthropology Graduate Conference

Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

Central European University

Nador utca 9.

Budapest H-1051, Hungary


6 thoughts on “Budapest Keynote 13 June 2008

  1. Hey John
    this posting is actually in response to one of your posts below but I thought putting it here will better get your attention :)

    Any reading groups from Goldsmith holding sessions between the 6th and 9th August? If so, I would love to participate! :)


  2. hiya – august is pretty quiet. there used to be an MA conference around that time, but this year its in September. Check out our events page closer to the day, but not sure. Maybe you, me and Emile will have to have a session on Capital. – J


  3. I am envious. I can’t knit or do anything beyond crude embroidery and darning… so i’ll just write experimental stories for emile

    too bad he’ll be too tiny for me to feed him spoonfuls of hot curry

    well i look forward to the class. R u guys reading him Das Kapitalis and the Communist Manifesto regularly?


  4. Oops I mean Das Kapital

    Anyway, I look forward to sharing a classroom with Emile. LOL!


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