From Paolo, a collection of you tube clips of the fire attacks on Roma in Naples. These in the context of the new right crackdown where Italian ‘authorities’ just three days back ‘announced they had arrested nearly 400 suspected illegal immigrants during a week-long series of raids across the country’ (BBC) . Crap as the BBC report is, I’ve added a link to it at the end. Its perhaps this sort of stuff that Gramsci had in mind when calling on communists to build organizations that can win hegemony from the fascists and racists, preventing such outrageous actions. Hegemony would include informative leftwing newspapers, radio and television, which we sorely need. And no doubt Paolo will be amongst the reporters…:

“since a few days in one of the suburbs of Naples (Pontincelli) a major hunt for “Roms” is taking place (see the links below). Chased by angry hordes, people have been obliged to leave their camps in a rush watching their houses and tents being put on fire (under the auspices and celebrations of large parts of the local population and the careless attention of the police).
This is indeed not something regarding Naples nor an isolated phenomenon . It belongs to the wider process of demonization of migrants at large (and of so-called “illegal” migrants and “nomads” in particular) that Italy’s newly installed government has been recently able to promote (also with the silent and indirect support of the parties that today are at the opposition). With a clever use of the politics of fear (directing all thoughts and actions regarding security towards migrants) they have not only won the political elections but been able to install a man grown up politically within the Italian fascist extreme right as the mayor of Rome (after 15 years of centre-left governance).
In order to keep their electoral promises, during the past week the government has enacted controls in 9 Italian regions against so-called “illegal” migrants resulting in the detention of at least 400 people. It has promoted a new migration law that immediately translates “illegal” migration into a crime (leading up to 4 years of jail), the creation of a constant militarized patrolling of the national sea borders (in order to prevent the boats from landing on the shores), the suspension of EU treatises for the free movement of people coming from Rumania and Bulgaria and the creation of more CPT (“centres for temporary reception”) aimed at functioning as specialized spaces of detention for “migration crimes” (proper jails in other words).
Unfortunately this situation, which regards not only Italy, is countered by the silence of the opposition and is probably just at its beginning stages. This is NOT a local problem!”