Hunting the Snark in New X

A Snark Dance specialist of our acquaintance has started haunting South London – the Laurie Grove Baths in particular. Read on for Andre Breton, Hauntology, psychogeography, camera technology, links to CCS’s occasional and spectrally astute visiting fellow K-Punk, and a grandmotherly connection. There is also a video link of exquisite remix strangeness. Do read on:

“There is a long history relating machines and ghosts and the supernatural and technology is definitely an interesting area to explore. Should this be viewed as being more than just a translation of the enchantment produced within us when faced with the finesse of impressive technical achievement?

My project for the Laurie Grove Bath House in November was an installation dedicated to the building’s ghost who was affectionately called Charley as he whistled the Charleston by James P. Johnson. For my installation I recorded someone whistling the Charleston and played it from the top of the stairs in order to lure people to a step, that when stepped on, projected old footage of people dancing the charleston on the walls accompanied by an old big band playing the song. The following video is nice cause it shows the ghosts of Al Minns and Leon James dancing the Charleston to daftpunk:” …. for the rest of this Snarkish post, see here.