Fire cleanses. Why wash?

Because instead of clarifying matches, Boots, Tescos, Unilever, etc want to sell us soap.

Because soap makes us clean. They say.

Because cleanliness is next to the best way there is to sell more soap to get you more clean.

Because every time to eat off a plate you foul it and Unilever want you to believe that their chemical restores the plate to pristine purity.

Because dirt is alien, to be destroyed.

Never wash. Burn burn burn.

5 thoughts on “Bathtime.

  1. My cleaning motto comes from Mary Douglas who I think said “dirt is just matter out of place”!


  2. Like so many others, I had become a slave to the lkea nesting instinct.
    I’d like to order the Erika Pekkari dust ruffles.
    Anything clever, like a coffee table in the shape of a yin-yang,
    I had to have it.
    The Klipsk personal office unit.
    The Hovetrekke home exerbike.
    Or the Ohamshab sofa with the Strinne green stripe pattern.
    Even the Ryslampa wire lamps of environmentally-friendly unbleached paper.
    I’d flip through catalogues and wonder
    “What kind of dining set defines me as a person?”
    I had it all. Even the glass dishes with tiny bubbles and imperfections,
    proof that they were crafted by the honest, hard-working, indigenous peoples of…


  3. What are you going to quote next, the part from Fight Club about the first soap made from the sacrificial corpses of heroes? I really don’t see what your quoting of Palahniuk about the nesting instinct has to do with what I quoted. This guy (Mack) has been “homeless” since 1999. He’s the guy from the “militant unemployment” MySpace account I had referred to before. He’s as removed from the nesting instinct as is humanly possible.

    Mack explains that, in order to fly under the radar and infiltrate places, he has to look as clean cut and scrubbed as possible. He’s been at it for almost a decade now, and has never been arrested, so soap definitely works for this guy. Nowadays, if simply you want to be homeless (instead of warehoused in office/prison/workfare farm) you must clean up your act.


  4. Love is simple. Love is pure. Love is truth. Love is light. Love is selfless.

    To quote the Log Lady from Twin Peaks:

    ‘Fire is the devil hiding like a coward in the smoke’

    Hence the devil, denoting evil with a ‘d’ is the spoken and written (literal and figuartive) embodiment of evil.

    But I realised something about evil. Evil is always complicit upon deception, and in the first instance always with itself, namely in lack of recognition for love of self and hence others. Hence, in order to function and exist, evil, however it may manifest itself, requires guile. But guile can never be enough since it is always then requires duplicity to further itself and exist. But of course this is always based upon the initial absence,
    and hence is always playing catch up. And when people don’t realise that there is nothing to catch up, that everything you could ever hope to be you already are and have, then the accomplice of jealousy manifests itself.

    And that’s when I realised that love can never, ever fail. Love is eternal, pure and simple and that evil is always transitory because love knows no jealousy. Love only knows itself.

    And as that dawned on me last night as I sat weeping on the grass park near where I live something very interesting happened. Two rottweilers appeared from nowhere. And they were barking and snarling as though possessed. They could have very easily killed me and tore me apart.

    But they didn’t. They kept their distance. Something stopped them coming too close.

    And after 10 mins their owner appeared but was powerless to control them. And still they barked and snarled as though possessed by the devil. And I stared each of them in the eye, knowing no fear. Only love. And they realised there was nothing they could do. And they walked ran away.

    John Hutnyk, I love you.

    Feel free to pass the message on.



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