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jmi-logo-copy_1.jpgYou can find my tactless trashing of televisual tourism and our ‘national treasure’ Michael Palin in one of the issues of the Jadavpur Uni Film Studies journal that have just been put online . Thanks Abhijit Roy.


“Journal of the Moving Image (JMI) is the annual journal of the Department of Film Studies, Jadavpur University, published by Jadavpur University, Kolkata. It was launched in print format in 1999. The print and the online versions will now co-exist.

JMI seeks to represent critical work on the state of contemporary screen cultures. There are many regions in the world with large viewing populations, often with vast production infrastructures for film and television; but corresponding institutions or forums for critical engagement with such audio-visual regimes are still highly inadequate. JMI seeks to address a broad set of issues ranging from formal properties of the moving image to the social foundation of its production, transmission and reception. There will be a special focus on India and South Asia, and on issues of transnational media transactions, but we would like to offer a wider range of discussion on film and television from various parts of the world made from different perspectives”

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  1. Oh, I’m so glad there are others who gets pissed off about Palin. How did he manage to visit Senegal and not mention the national hero, Shaykh Bmaba, whilst waxing lyrical about French colonial adventurers (whom the national hero helped get rid of). How come no one seems to comment on his penchant for quoting the worse kind of Victorian imperialist literary codswallop? Does anyone recall his barely veiled paranoia (ho ho) at the Muslim/Arab sailors on Around The World when they wanted to look at his watch? His generally patronising way of speaking to ‘foreign’ people? His indefatigably arrogant Englishness in the face of other socio-cultural norms that invariably warped his perspective? Palin=PUKE!


  2. hiya. Yep, I can’t any longer bear to watch that bumbling routine he does – that awful slipper slapstick in Nepal, and the embarrassing ‘interview’ with the head of the Dalai Lama clique that was – well – not political in any way. Palin is equally a trumped up holy relic, and I have heard people say he should be sealed up in a glass vitrine in a museum somewhere. His best work was long ago. He’s like the Mr Bean imitating the departed queen mum, cute, but with a dangerous ideological undertow. My piece talks about his adventures in Nepal with (or rather not at all with) the Maoists. Crappy exotic journalism with the punch of a truly dead parrot. – J


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